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GEO Group Executive Says False Testimony Given to Federal Agencies “all the time”

As reported by Denver Westword, which cites a story by The Prison Legal News, GEO Group Senior Vice President Thomas Wierdsma “has been accused by his daughter-in-law of intimidation and harassment in a Boulder domestic dispute — including threatening to initiate a federal inquiry into her legal status by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).” Think Progress and The Huffington Post report that in testimony related to the domestic case, a clip of which is available on-line (and below), Wierdsma said the following:


ATTORNEY: You would agree it would be wrong to give false testimony against somebody, correct?
WIERDSMA: Um [long pause]. Yes.
ATTORNEY: Similarly, would it be wrong to give false testimony to a federal agency?
WIERDSMA: No, not at all. Happens all the time.

GEO Group is a private prisoncorporation that contracts with the Federal Bureau of Prisons to run facilities such as Big Spring (TX), the Moshannon Valley Correctional Center (PA) and Rivers Correctional Center (NC).