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After some consideration, I have decided to start a blog focused on federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) issues, and to a lesser extent, federal sentencing and post-conviction matters, hence the name. Since we’re just getting started, I thought it appropriate to offer a little about my background and my vision for this blog.
I am a criminal defense attorney and a managing member of FROST BUSSERT LLC, a law firm in New Haven, CT. Prior to entering private practice in 2001, I served as Associate Director of Client Services for the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (NCIA). It was while working as a sentencing advocate at NCIA that I first assisted individuals with federal prison issues. Over the past 16 years, I have regularly represented individuals with BOP programming and placement issues, such as initial designations, the BOP’s 500-hour residential drug and alcohol treatment program (RDAP) and pre-release transfers (to a halfway house and home confinement); administrative remedy appeals; and 2241 motions, along with myriad other matters. I have also made a concerted effort to share what I know with others through speaking presentations or writing.
In large measure, I see this blog as an outgrowth of my interest in helping others better understand how the BOP operates. To be clear, I do not, nor have I ever, work(ed) for the Bureau of Prisons. Also, I consider myself a defense attorney with particularized knowledge about the BOP, not a “prison consultant,” especially to the extent that term connotes one of the growing number of former federal prisoners who offer BOP advocacy services based on their “first-hand” knowledge or those whose marketing efforts target the fear that surrounds incarceration, specifically directed at “white-collar” offenders. While extremely conscious of the federal correctional system’s many shortcomings and the very real risks that prisoners face, I find that the sharing of accurate information to the widest array of interested parties offers the greatest benefit for all. I thus intend to use this blog as a vehicle to disseminate BOP-related developments (for example, the publication of a new program statement), as well as to comment on media accounts that highlight aspects of BOP’s policies in practice or to share program-related information that I may learn in the course of my practice. On occasion, I may also post about other issues of interest since my practice centers more generally on federal criminal defense, not merely prison issues.
Getting started, there will be no “Comments” feature. This has nothing to do with discouraging outside perspectives and everything to do with figuring out how to manage a Comments section, which I understand can become quite unruly if not administered correctly. I anticipate Comments will be addressed in the next few weeks. Also, I envision posting when I can. Accounting for the usual demands of practice, I aim to post at least once per week, assuming there is something about worth posting.
That’s it. I hope this evolves into a useful resource and welcome any comments, feedback or suggestions readers may have. In light of what I just wrote above, initially that can be done via email, at tab@frostbussert.com. Thanks for your interest.

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